The Proof of Life films get their big-screen debuts!

November 19, 2018


Watch them at


It has been one month shy of 2 years since the Proof of Life film project kicked off. It was quite a journey reaching the goal, both artistically and financially, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of a lot of generous people, particularly the primary sponsor Cancer Can’t.


After 11 months of filming, Filmmaker Adam Harum and I worked closely on edits for a year. We ended up with two projects: the main 21-minute film Proof of Life, and a 5-minute side project called Proof of Life: Pacing.


The launch of the main film on November 3 was an evening with close to 100 people from my various support communities of church, running, Nordic skiing, and general friends that was deeply gratifying. I shared some episodes and thoughts from my three cancer experiences; Rachelle shared research on the almost-universal lack of proactive mental health outreach from the medical oncology community toward their patients coming out of cancer; and Adam spoke about the documentary film-making process. I showed three short films that resonate with my cancer experience in different ways. Check them out - they're pretty amazing.

And then ended with the main Proof of Life Film.


Two nights ago, Nov 16, the 5-minute side project called Proof of Life: Pacing rolled through Spokane as one of ten films in the traveling Trail Running Film Festival that will visit 40 cities across the US this year. It was powerful to see Adam’s work stand up on the big screen alongside other professional short films.


I did some quick math, and the short version should be seen by somewhere around 6,000 people by mid-January via the traveling Trail Running Film Festival. That’s pretty humbling. Hopefully at least a little of the message will have an impact on some viewers after they’ve left the theater. Huge thanks to festival organizer James Varner!


Adam and I have entered the main film into a number of festivals and it was already shown at the Las Vegas Running Film Festival last week-end.

From here I’m working on ways to take the film and my story to the cancer survivor community, and hopefully the medical provider community as well, to help bring encouragement and a bit of insight into life after cancer. One of the most powerful things a person can do fight cancer and live well is to stay active outdoors and connected with others, while setting meaningful goals.

The films are available to view online for rental (cheap!) at In addition to the need for a little more money for final production costs, the films cannot be released for free until we have finished submitting them to festivals in a year or so.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

And if you know of an event or group that might like to show the film or have me share, let me know!





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