Am I a One-Book Author?

January 10, 2018



Back when I was in a children’s book writing group, there was a core bunch of us that was more or less stable for a few years. Others would cycle in and out for a few meetings, or even as little as one session. Some had been working on a single story for years and once it was completed, they were happy to stop writing. They were one-book authors.

The 50K trail run idea had roots going back at least 5 years, but it became a goal specific to the purpose of getting me through the year after cancer. Since reaching it in October, the question has nagged at me:  Am I a one-book author? Have I completed my quest?

You’ll notice the lack of blogging since then. It’s due in large part to an overwhelming workload in fall; but there was also an inevitable lack of momentum once the run was complete and while the Proof of Life documentary has been in production.

Question is, has the vision died off? Has my one book been written?

Back in July or August already, an idea started to form for the next stage of this journey – one that would leverage my experience to help others who have also come out of a cancer experience. The months since have been a gestation period, as ideas have solidified and been tested with a few people.

This break has also given me a chance to build up courage to move forward now that the initial fear of recurrence has lost its edge, if only slightly.

In the coming months I’ll outline some plans here in my blog and share them in the wider community, and begin to reach out through social networking and a new website to a larger circle of cancer survivors. There’s also a literal book or two to be written somewhere along the way.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey, and help spread the word to cancer survivors.

- Brad

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