October 25, 2017


I don't know what else to say two days later than, It's done.


It seems like almost another life, back when I was waiting for the next day's MRI, knowing what it would find after 15 years with nothing to see, and throwing Tupperware across the kitchen again and again until it finally broke. Or standing in front of the whole church bawling, snot falling to the floor while Craig prayed, beginning to realize just how out of control of life and deeply fearful I really was.


Everything between then and this last January is a burden. But now The Run, The Goal is accomplished. At 6:45 on Sunday, well after dark, the GPS watch beeped 31 miles. 


It was a good run. Scott and Libby Martin joined Rachelle at the aid station, Jamie Redman ran a lap with me, then Vanessa Waldref joined me for two laps and her friend Logan Axon managed a lap with a dislocated elbow. Robin Redman hiked the loop with a friend, too.


Was it excruciating? No. The last lap in particular was tough, but that's to be expected.


Was it heroic and momentous? Not really. It was important to do, and it's done.


But really, Brad... how did it feel? You know, I like running. It felt good. Even the tough parts felt appropriately tough, in a good way.


Will you do another? Maybe. Not for a while. Ask me in a year or two.


After all the filming and blogging and talking about it, it's time to look forward and beyond -- frankly, to look beyond myself. From hereon in this all has to be pointed outward. More on that soon.


- Brad


 *all photos are captured from video by Adam Haram. Thanks, Adam!





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